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A timeless classic.

What is the Conservative answer to carbon pricing?

There appears to be a lot of discussion about what is a Canadian Conservative in the 21st century.

However, the winner of the current Conservative Party of Canada leadership race will define what that is for a generation.

Current and future party members have a big choice to make. The wrong choice will damage the brand for a generation.

Here is a little video to help them understand what a conservative policy response is on the issue of emission reductions and carbon pricing.

This revenue neutral approach to carbon pricing was established by former Premier Gordon Campbell in BC. BC’s economy continues to grow, emissions growth has been reduced and they have a AAA credit rating.

A similar approach is now being suggested by James Baker in the USA as way to help address climate change and not damage the economy.

Even in California, their economy continues to grow with sensible carbon pricing.  Check out this video from another conservative Arnold Schwarzenegger who supports sensible environmental policy. However, if they went completely revenue neutral I suspect their economic results would be even better.

Young Canadians expect leadership on emissions and there is only one Conservative on the May 27th ballot providing a principled conservative proposal. That is Michael Chong.

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