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The Liberals worst fear in 2019 is not Leitch, O’Leary or Max. It is Michael Chong.

Within the context of Canadian History Michael Chong is a Conservative. A small c conservative in the best traditions of Brian Mulroney, John Diefenbaker, Preston Manning and Sir John A. The amazing feat of Harper was uniting the brand for the 21st century. Now, what to do with this party legacy?

The next leader will define what it is to be a Canadian Conservative for a generation. I choose Michael Chong’s vision of the party and our country.

Keys planks of his campaign are close to revolutionary but answer the key issues for Canada and Canadians with conservative solutions firmly routed in this century.

Ideas like – letting the market place solve our emissions problems, shirking the tax code, a historic income tax cut, getting government out of the mortgage insurance business and supporting a free enterprise future for Canada driven by expanding our trading partners and welcoming investment and capital formation.

All of this is very conservative.

He is very conservative about tolerance too. He stands up to those who look to damage our brand by embracing the darker elements of society. Darker elements that have no place in 21st century Canadian conservative party.

On democratic reform and party evolution no one can beat Chong’s ideas. Clearly, a free open Canadian conservative party is the basis of a movement that can win in 2019 with Chong as our Leader.

Remember, the next election we need to have a leader that can appeal to all communities in Canada including its cities.

The Liberals worst fear is not Leitch, O’Leary or Max….it is Michael Chong. They know what I know. The others are beatable but fiscal conservatives that voted for Paul Martin and Jean Chrétien really like Chong and will vote for him. Especially after Trudeau has racked up the debt with very little to show for it combined with the ethical lapses that will cause even more damage with voters in 2019.

So, if you want to make the Liberals worse fears come true and bring in a true government in waiting that can win in 2019 and define our movement for a generation. Join the #chongtourage at and get your conservative party membership.


Full Disclosure – I was volunteering for the Chong campaign in BC and now serve the campaign as it is a client of 374 Strategy & Development Inc. I am the Director of Field Operations, Michael Chong for Leader

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  1. His economic ideas are not credible and just further the Neoliberal Age of Austerity in which we now live. There is NO invisible hand of the marketplace and equilibrium is now a thoroughly discredited both of which are reified notions underpinning his environmental and economic ideas. He has one asset I like which is his working towards more democracy.

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